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When is it right to be wrong? Making better mistakes

20 Mar 2024

You’re attending a class or studying French by yourself. Testing yourself. Making one mistake. Two mistakes. Too many mistakes. Frustration keeps building up.
You start beating yourself up. "I s...

How to be consistent in learning French?

13 Fév 2024

Is speaking French fluently your dream—or your plan? Many start to learn French but few stick with it long enough to reach proficiency. If you are serious about improving your French, creating a reliable system to structure your study time is essential.

The surprising power of flashcards

08 Juin 2023

Improving your French vocabulary means consistently adding more and more items to your memory, like building blocks that you will later use to craft your s...

Why is French so frustrating?

13 Mar 2023

You know the feeling.
You are speaking French, crafting a sentence that starts off on the right foot. And suddenly, your mind goes blank. You can’t recall a word that you "should" know because...

Learn French with flashcards: Anki tutorial

15 Jan 2022

If you are convinced of the power of flashcards to boost your French vocabulary, or at least curious enough to give it a try, there are a lot of apps to choose from.
While I grew to prefer Brains...

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