French is my thing
Let’s make it yours

French classes

« Bonjour », the 6-week program to kickstart your French

Learn French

What you can expect from the program

  • Implement a solid study system with all tools you need to stay consistent & make French part of your daily life
  • Manage (and enjoy!) simple conversations in French and be comfortable in real life situations (according to your needs)
  • Speak confidently by mastering the rules of a clear French pronunciation 
Online French classes


  • 5 days in a row: does it mean from Monday to Friday?

You can choose your starting day at your convenience, for example:

- Self-study from Monday to Friday with the 1:1 session on Saturday or Sunday 

- Self-study from Wednesday to Sunday with the 1:1 session on Monday or Tuesday

- etc.


  • I don’t know how to use Google drive.

No problem. A tutorial is included at the beginning and I’m available if you need more help.


  • How much study time will I need every day?

Depending on your pace, you can count between 30 and 45 minutes of personal work per day 5 times a week. The weekly 1:1 session lasts 45 minutes.


  • What type of question can I ask on WhatsApp?

You can text me if you have any technical issue such as a file you can’t access on the platform or trouble uploading on Google drive. 

You can also ask about a grammar point that you’re not clear about or text me a sentence you’ve created to have it checked.

You can always ask for recommendations about specific resources to use to learn French.


« Encore » (all levels except beginners)

French classes

We always meet for a free discovery call before working together to make sure we are a good match!

Book a 30-minute discovery call to talk about your current situation and goals.

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