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  • Do people really need a coach to learn French?

No. But if you didn’t need one, your French would most likely already be amazing by now!

With a coach, you get structure, accountability, targeted practice.

You get the right level of challenge and learn only what matters to your specific goals.

You can feel safe with a trustworthy and reliable partner who adapts to your level, pace and personnality.


  • How much study time should I plan every day?

I recommend practicing French for a minimum of 30 minutes per day, 5 times a week.

Consistency is essentiel to improve.


Online French classes

Online French coaching (niveaux intermédiaires et avancés)

French coaching
Cours de français

We always meet for a free discovery call before working together to make sure we are a good match!

Let’s chat about why French matters to you, and see how I could help!

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