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What makes French is my thing unique?

  • Safe space. With a trustworthy and reliable partner, you can give your best… and enjoy the ride! Because learning French goes way beyond conjugating verbs: it's about connecting to the joy of learning.
  • Personalized program. We'll find your sweet spot, mixing targeted practice to reach the next level with topics you're curious about, delving into what resonates with you in French (culture).
  • At your pace. Our classes are designed to align with your goals, adapt to your personality and synchronize with your natural rhythm, delivering the right amount of challenge for a smooth progression. 
  • Never far. A doubt about a sentence in French? A question about a class? With the 24 hours WhatsApp support, it's like having a French wizard in your pocket. (Only for bonjour and encore packages)
Online French classes
  • The best resources. Tired of booooring outdated textbooks? The documents I created for each lesson make grammar clear while teaching you real life sentences. Looking for a podcast/book/website/app to practice French or discover French culture? Spare yourself the internet rabbit hole and text me!
    (Grammar and conjugation lessons are only included in bonjour and encore packages)
  • Flexible schedule. Busy professional? No worries, our sessions are as flexible as a yoga instructor. Available 7 days a week, because passion knows no weekends. And if you need to cancel a class, just text me 48 hours before showtime—no drama, no charges.

NEW: Conversation coaching (intermediate level minimum)

French for busy people. Who said you need a deep dive to work on your flow?


French conversation coaching
French conversation coaching

Package BONJOUR (for all levels)

Learn French
French teacher

Package ENCORE (niveaux intermédiaires et avancés uniquement)

French coaching
Cours de français

Package EXAMS

Get ready for the Embassy exam, the French citizenship exam or the DELF-DALF.


We always meet for a free discovery call before working together to make sure we are a good match!

Let’s chat about why learning French matters to you, and see how I could help!

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