French is my thing
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French classes

« Bonjour » : 6-week program to kickstart your French

Learn French

What you can expect from the program

  • Power up your learning process by implementing a sustainable study system that provides all the tools you need to keep practicing and improving in the long run
  • Increase your confidence by mastering the main rules of French pronunciation 
  • Introduce yourself, talk about your life and manage a simple conversation
  • Know the daily life vocabulary you need to express yourself
  • Use the present tense naturally (+ talk about the future)


  • How is the program organized?

You will get 5 lessons a week to study at your pace on the platform (invitation by email). Then, we’ll meet for a 1:1 session once a week.


  • How much study time will I need every day?

You can count around 30 minutes per day using the platform, on top of our weekly 45-minute 1:1 session.


  • What if I have a question during my self-study time?

Send me a message on WhatsApp and get an answer within 24 hours :)


« Encore » (for intermediate and advanced level)

French classes

We always meet for a free discovery call before working together to make sure we are a good match!

Book a 30-minute discovery call to talk about your current situation and goals.

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