French is my thing
Let’s make it yours
French is my thing
Let’s make it yours

Private online French coaching (all levels)


  • Making French a habit by crafting the right study plan
  • Holding you accountable
  • Keeping it challenging while providing a safe place to experiment


  • Practice of grammar, vocabulary & phonetics in context
  • Integration of French culture, according to your interests
  • Personalized recommendations: apps, podcasts, books, etc.



  • Brain-friendly conversations
  • Science-based learning techniques
  • Memory retention strategies


What they’re saying

Par Julie

Aurélie is an amazing French teacher! I've been learning French for years, but my lessons with Aurélie have increased both my skills and my confidence in communicating better than any previous method. She understands how adults learn foreign language and tailors every lesson to my needs. She provides resources, exercises and constant advice on how to keep improving. And, she makes each lesson fun and with the right amount of challenge. Lastly, I never worry about making mistakes with her, as she stresses this is how we best learn.

Par Bianca

Aurélie is a brilliant teacher! I had been promising myself for years to learn French. Various attempts left me frustrated and unsuccessful. From my first week with Aurélie, I knew I had struck gold. Aurélie makes the French language exciting, fun and, most importantly, possible! She is so attune to the student's progress - knowing when to add on and when to revisit a concept. She teaches the individual student, not some set curriculum. Aurélie provides the ideal balance of challenge and support. She is as charming as she is clear, she is as prepared and punctual as she is patient and accessible. I really never imagined the undertaking of a foreign language could be such a divine pleasure! Merci, Aurélie!

Par Gregor

I am taking lessons with Aurélie. She is an outstanding teacher with amazing ability to adjust the content and the method to the student. She is precise, systematic and a very good listener. She is also a very pleasant interlocutor, knowing a lot about French culture. The courses with her are both super useful and super fun. I would recommend her to anyone!

Par Miranda

Aurélie is an excellent teacher. I really appreciated her flexibility, friendliness and ability to ensure lessons were both interesting and relevant. She was able to quickly identify areas I needed to improve on and I feel much more confident after a short space of time. Highly recommended!

Par Belinda

I have been taking individual online French lessons with Aurélie. Have been really impressed with quality of teaching. Lessons are tailored to the individual, using a variety of material, making them interesting and enjoyable. Aurélie creates a very nice, relaxed learning environment and the lessons with her are good fun. Would definitely recommend.

Par Anna

Aurélie truly possesses all the qualities of an excellent language teacher: she has created a learning environment fitting my needs, expectations and prior knowledge; she is passionate about French language and able to transfer this spark; her optimism encourages to keep going and improve. I have learnt a lot in a very short amount of time and highly recommend her classes.

Aurélie Yamazaki

Bonjour !


I’m French language & culture coach Aurélie Yamazaki.



Bachelor of French and comparative literature & Masters in Teaching French as a foreign language from La Sorbonne in Paris

12 years of experience

In the US, France, Japan & China

Now coaching online

In University & language schools

1 on 1, group classes, conferences

Now only 1 on 1


I help driven Francophiles to find their French voice and discover French culture


French has always been my thing.


More than just my native tongue or a tool of communication I am skilled at. It is my home, my country, the place that I always have inside me, no matter where I live.


My role as a teacher is to be your guide in exploring this fascinating country so that you too feel you belong here—in a way that’s unique to you.


As a coach, I am here to support you and we will find the right pace for you to enjoy the process while keeping it challenging.


Learning French can be a real joy, and during this singular adventure you could even discover you have enriched your life with much more than just a new skill.


Speaking French and understanding French culture might also reveal a new part of you, your “French self”. Who knows what it has to tell you?

French is my thing.

Let’s make it yours

My values


It’s essential to me to be reliable. And to hold my clients accountable.

I expect each one to do their best and help them to do so.

When my client’s motivation meets my enthousiasm, we become the best team.


I am not a people pleaser. 

The feedback I give is meant to be constructive and help my clients to improve.

I expect honesty from them as well whether is is about asking for clarification, sharing feedback or submitting suggestions.


I value commitment and consistency.

Whatever their goals are, my clients are all passionate and driven.

They take French seriously and act accordingly. And so do I.

What it takes

Growth mindset

There are two elements I can’t give my clients and I can’t work without: motivation and a growth mindset.

Do you have and cultivate a growth mindset?


Book a 30-minute discovery call to talk about your current situation and goals.

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