French is my thing
Let’s make it yours
French is my thing
Let’s make it yours

About me

Aurélie Yamazaki

Bonjour !


I’m French language coach Aurélie Yamazaki.



Bachelor of French and comparative literature & Masters in Teaching French as a foreign language from La Sorbonne in Paris

12 years of experience

In the US, France, Japan & China

Now coaching online

In University & language schools

1 on 1, group classes, conferences

Now only 1 on 1


I help driven Francophiles to find their French voice & understand French culture


French has always been my thing.


More than just my native tongue or a tool of communication I am skilled at. It is my home, my country, the place that I always have inside me, no matter where I live.


My role is to be your guide in exploring this fascinating country so that you too feel you belong here—in a way that’s unique to you.


As a coach, I will provide you with the best tools to improve and find the right pace for your learning process, keeping it both enjoyable and challenging. 


Learning French can be a real joy, and during this singular adventure you could even discover you have enriched your life with much more than just a new skill.


Speaking French and understanding French culture might also reveal a new part of you, your “French self”. Who knows what it has to tell you?

French is my thing.

Let’s make it yours

My values


It’s essential to me to be reliable. And to hold my clients accountable.

I expect each one to do their best and help them to do so.

When my client’s motivation meets my enthousiasm, we become the best team.


I am not a people pleaser. 

The feedback I give is meant to be constructive and help my clients to improve.

I expect honesty from them as well whether is is about asking for clarification, sharing feedback or submitting suggestions.


I value commitment and consistency.

Whatever their goals are, my clients are all passionate and driven.

They take French seriously and act accordingly. And so do I.

What it takes

Growth mindset

There are two elements I can’t give my clients and I can’t work without: motivation and a growth mindset.

Do you have and cultivate a growth mindset?


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