French is my thing
Let’s make it yours
French is my thing
Let’s make it yours

About me

Aurélie Yamazaki

Bonjour !


I’m French language coach Aurélie Yamazaki.



Bachelor of French and comparative literature & Masters in Teaching French as a foreign language

12 years of experience

Online, in the US, France, Japan & China


I help Francophiles to find their French voice & understand French culture


French has always been my thing.


More than just my native tongue or a tool of communication I am skilled at. It is my home, my country, the place that I always have inside me, no matter where I live.


My role as a teacher is to be your guide in exploring this fascinating country so that you too feel you belong here—in a way that’s unique to you


As a coach, I am here to support you and we will find the right pace for you to enjoy the process while keeping it challenging.


Learning French can be a real joy, and during this singular adventure you could even discover you have enriched your life with much more than just a new skill.


Speaking French and understanding French culture might also reveal a new part of you, your “French self”. Who knows what it has to tell you?

French is my thing.

Let’s make it yours

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